Ostrich Fern - TN Nursery
Ostrich Fern

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Ostrich Fern - TN Nursery
Giant Ostrich Fern - TN Nursery
Ostrich Fern - TN Nursery
Ostrich Fern - TN Nursery
Ostrich Fern - TN Nursery

Customer Reviews

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Frances Aylward Allen
They came quickly

Obviously I can’t report on anything except that the instructions are very clear. And the roots look quite healthy. I have a year to tell you how glorious they are!

Loren Hartman
Ostrich fern

I hope your roots grow and survive in zone 9b. Other online suppliers limit their survival to zone 8. I have had an ostrich fern growing from a local grower but it got destroyed by fallen tree. The roots look healthy and promising. Thanks for

Deborah Lipscomb
ostrich fern

Love it, looks healthy, will give more updates once planted.

Robert Bundy
Ostrich ferns

The was faster than originally estimated on the delivery. And it’s a little early yet to say how they are doing , since they’ve only been in the ground a day. But shipping I was really happy with the the quickness

Donna Simonis
Ostrich fern to Iowa

Just received them yesterday! Look great
I’m waiting until later today to plant when hopefully it won’t be SO hot
Thank you can’t wait to see them grow!