Plant An Oak Tree .99

Oak Tree Acorns, No Maintenance, Easy Planting & Watch Them Grow Into Towering Trees

Ever thought of how many acorns you could plant in the forest to replenish the natural habitat and grow your own trees? What a way to than Mother Nature. We are offering acorns to plant. It's easy, all you do Is dig a hole about the size of a quarter and 3 inches deep, put the acorn in the small home and cover it back up with the soil that you dug out and in the spring you will see your very own oak tree sprouting from the ground. Absolutely nothing else required. No maintenance, no watering nothing. Just as Mother Nature replenishes the forests with more trees, this is a perfect way to plant and grow your own oak trees for a mere .99 cents each. We collect our oak acorns from underneath large oak trees, some being over 200 years old and ship them right to your door. We ship to anyone in all states. No nursery license is required to buy from us and we ship to all states. You do not need shovels, digging tools, nothing but a tablespoon or a hand digger and simply dig a small hole and plant. This is great for school planting projects and for those who do not have tools and gardening equipment or those that works and has absolutely no time to tend to garden plants. For over 58 years we've sold the finest quality in nursery stock and since 2008, due to a high demand to start selling our plants to homeowner's we have branched out and offered small quantities of plants to everyone plus we've been active in offering more and more odd and unique things our customer's are in demand for, like us offering fall foliage. Everyone loves the colorful leaves of autumn. We sell fall foliage now and with these easy acorns to plant and grow our own trees, we are sure this will also be a hit. Moss in another thing our customer's have longed to be able to buy. We now grow and sell more moss than anyone can imagine. So If it's a unique item and we get lots of fanfare from customers just like you requesting it, it may be arriving soon. We guarantee you the best prices, the freshest quality and it all shipped right to your home or office. Simply go online and order and we will do the rest. Remember, we sell out of lots of items in early fall and spring and those two seasons being the busy planting season for gardeners so order today for now or later shipping.