All three types produce fruit in abundance with the Asian giving the most fruit per square foot.

Persimmon Tree

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Diospyros Latin- Hardy Planting Zones- 6-9, Mature Height- 8-18'. Width- 8-10 feet . Sun
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Persimmon Size 1-3' Feet Height


The Persimmon is a fruit-bearing tree originating from China and Japan. Their shape is similar to an apple tree. There are several different types with varying sizes. All three types produce fruit in abundance with the Asian giving the most fruit per square foot. 

The tree flowers in the spring, usually May-June, with 1 inch light yellow or pink-tinged blooms. The round fruit ranges from yellow to orange to orange-red in color. The fruit has a thick jelly-like center surrounded by a thin, waxy shell and has a sweet and somewhat tangy flavor. Fruit is harvested late August to December, depending on the climate, region, and type of Persimmon. Fruit will drop to the ground when ripe.

 They are late bloomers, so they conveniently avoid frost damage that may occur in early spring. The tree has 3-6 inch long broad, dark green leaves with smooth edges. Leaves continue to get lighter green until autumn when they fall off for the winter.

Persimmon trees can be grown in a variety of soils, moist to light and sandy soils. It prefers good drainage and full sunlight. Trees usually do not fruit until the tree is mature, after 3-6 years. They need to be regularly watered, especially during dry spells; however, after they are established, they are hardy and drought-tolerant. The tree lives approximately 50-75 years.

Growing a persimmon tree is a great way to enjoy this delicious fruit right from the garden. Persimmons remain on trees into the winter and historically Native Americans used them for food during the cooler months. Persimmon trees are very attractive and have value in both the fruit they produce and the wood. Fruit becomes richly sweet upon ripening and has a similar taste to apricots. Persimmon tree wood is very strong and hard and the bark looks like alligator skin. Persimmon trees are not overly picky about soil types and they don't require a lot of care aside from watering.

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