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Sunday, April 3

One of the popular groundcovers with a high tolerance for both sunny and shaded areas is Periwinkle or Vinca minor.

It comes in varieties that produce blooms in shades of purple, blue or white, and in single or double blooms.

The foliage may be shiny dark green and variegated in white or yellow. Many gardeners prefer this plant because of its unique quality to sustain both sun and shade. However, some gardeners do not like the aggressive nature of the creeper. It requires regular pruning to keep the growth under control. The plant can be purchased at appealing prices from a reliable wholesale plant nursery.

Sometimes it may be a challenge for a gardener to insure this plant becomes established. The ideal growth of this European native plant can be achieved in conditions of partial shade with a soil that is organically enriched and moist, and the site is well-drained. As long as the soil retains a reasonable amount of moisture, this plant will tolerate full shade and sun conditions. Periwinkle leaves will tend to burn in full sun during winters, but new spring growth is likely to provide a quick replacement for the lost leaves.

The solitary flowers of Vinca minor are produced in spring, and may continue to blossom off and on through summer and into fall. The plant is hardy to zone 4 and it is important to note that all parts of this creeper are toxic. The plant has been cultivation for a long time, which has resulted in variegated mutations. Some of the popular variegated selections include Sterling Silver with blue blossoms and white leaves, Ralph Shugert with purple blossoms and Blue and Gold with yellow-edged leaves and dark blue blossoms. If you are keen to purchase good selections of Periwinkle or Vinca minor for your landscape at affordable prices, you may get in touch with a superlative online plant nursery.

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