New York Fern 2 For $11.99

New York Fern 2 For $11.99

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New York Fern Parathelypteris noveboracensis


New York Fern: Avid gardeners can quickly identify a Parathelypteris noveboracensis, or New York Fern, by its distinctive appearance. 


This perennial plant, a native species from the forested mountains of New York state, has distinctive fronds. It displays a triangular blade-like look that is widest in the middle and narrows sharply at both ends. 


Its fronds are lance-shaped with a tapering tip; it grows up to two feet wide. Its leaflets are small and appear near the base of the frond. The plant reaches a height of about two to three feet at maturity.


The crown of the root system of the fern may be visible and dark brown. The leaflets grow in pairs of bright, glossy green.


New York Fern care


In the forest, the New York fern grows in shallow wetlands, wooded ravines, and near streams. It's particularly partial to full shade and mixed shady areas. This species will tolerate filtered sunshine, but you will succeed best when you plant it in the shade. The New York fern is not particular about soil quality. 


If your in an area where there is a decent amount of regular rainfall, you are done with your job after you plant Parathelypteris noveboracensis. However, gardeners in hotter and drier regions will need to assist it by watering when required. It likes water, but it does not want standing water for prolonged periods--so take care not to overwater your New York fern.


You can control the growth as the plant spreads by digging and separating the new clumps. Use them in other shady areas of your yard or share them with friends.


How to Use the New York Fern in Your Garden


Here are a few ways TN Nursery customers use New York ferns in their gardens:


● Ground cover plant: Because this is one of the shorter ferns and spreads rapidly, many use it in bare spots as a beautiful green ground cover. 

● Erosion control: If you have areas of the yard prone to erosion due to wind or running water (creeks or streams), plant some New York ferns--they will help stop the elements from further eroding your yard. 

● Border garden: Add this two-foot high fern to the middle row of your borders.

● Shade garden: Finding species to add color to shade gardens can be challenging; ferns are an excellent solution. 

● Wetter areas: Consider moisture-loving ferns if you have a slow-draining spot. They help wick away the water, allowing your yard to dry faster. 


New York Fern is for sale at TN Nursery


New York ferns are an attractive option, especially if you want a more compact fern. Order yours today.


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    Gave as gifts

    Posted by HJ on Feb 24, 2016

    I gave these as gifts and everyone loved them

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