Natchez Crepe Myrtle

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Natchez Crepe Myrtle

The Natchez crepe myrtle is a small deciduous tree that blooms during the summer. The soft small flowers grow in white clusters and create a beautiful contrast against the glossy dark green leaves. The leaves continue to be pleasing to the eyes as they change to a rich red-orange during fall. Another attractive feature of this decorative tree is the smooth cinnamon-colored bark that peels on its own, giving the tree a rustic and appealing look. The Natchez crepe myrtle grows at a moderate pace and can grow to a height of twenty feet and a width of twenty feet. 

This particular tree has a unique growth pattern that gives it the appearance of being a shrub rather than a tree. The base of the tree is usually significantly shorter than the branches if the base even forms. The branches grow upwards more than outwards and create a thick symmetrical canopy. The matter in which this tree grows, paired with its attractive features, has made it a favorite in private landscaping. It has especially become popular as a natural divider to provide privacy to yards. The beautiful contrast of colors has also made it a favorite as a simple lawn decoration. 

Though the Natchez crepe myrtle is primarily a southern dwelling plant, it can also grow in moderately warm coastal environments. This crepe myrtle grows best in average well-drained soils with plenty of direct sunlight. Once planted, it is best to water the crepe myrtle regularly to help establish a strong root system. Once the root system has developed enough in the soil, the tree doesn't need to be watered that often unless there is intense heat. The tree is relatively easy to care for once it is mature enough, only requiring pruning in late winter. The tree also has adequate resistance to pollutants, diseases, and insects; thus making the tree more durable than its delicate appearance gives off.

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