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Monday, April 4

Magnolias can be a great tree to have in one’s yard due to the shade that it provides, as well as the vibrant look that it can give to one’s landscape.

Magnolias can reach heights of up to 60 feet and reach spans of up to 30 feet. The Magnolia blooms are ever so gentle and fragile looking at the same time.

Magnolia trees can be planted almost anywhere and thrive well in partial shade to full sun.

The Magnolia tree is a lovely tree to plant and can be easily maintained because it is very tolerant to pests, dry climates, and even at times, dry soil. Magnolias need well-drained soil and a lot of water.

There are several types of Magnolias, such as the Jane Magnolia, which produces enormous pink blooms, and the Magnolia, which produces enormous white blooms. The Magnolia blooms can grow as large as 12 inches and, in some cases, can grow up to 18 inches across.

The Magnolia tree is a deciduous tree that stays green all year long, and then the blooms come out in early spring to late fall. The Magnolia tree is a great tree that provides shade and luxury to your yard all year long.

Instead, you are new to the neighborhood and want to plant something that will make a substantial impact, or you have lived in your home for a while and want to plant something new and exciting, the Magnolia may be the answer for you!

Source of Information on Magnolia Trees