Loblolly Pine Tree

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Loblolly Pine Tree Description

Loblolly Pine Tree 

Loblolly Pine tree is a woody gymnosperm plant that is an evergreen. It is the native to the southeast United States. Besides the southeast part, it is commonly found in New Jersey, Florida, Texas, and other places. It is the second most abundantly present tree in America after red maple. The tree has high demand as commercial ornamental plants. Also, their timber is of excellent quality.

When it is young, it is slightly pyramidal, but as it matures, it forms a thick oval crown as it sheds its lower branches. The straight trunk might reach a thickness of 2-3 feet. This  tree has delicate needles that are 5 to 8 inches long and are arranged in clusters of three, seldom two or four. The bark hardens with age, generating uneven, flaky plates that peel away to shade dark chocolate. Male blooms range from red to yellow, while female flowers range from yellow to purple and develop in clusters in the spring.

Loblolly Pine Tree is a very fast-growing tree. Even among its family trees, they grow at a considerably fast rate

The yellowish, sticky wood is desired for timber, but it can also be used to make wood pulp. From dry upland locations to well-drained plains, this plant thrives in a range of soils. These plants establish themselves in marshes and abandoned areas. Many southeastern creatures rely on these trees for refuge and food, notably Carolina chickadees, wild turkeys, towhees, bobwhites, and many others. Its seeds are also very beneficial for animals, including chipmunks and squirrels, among many others.

It grows in moderate to wet soils under full sun. It thrives in summers that are warm and humid and mild winters. The height can be 60-90 feet tall. The Loblolly Pine tree is resistant to different diseases and drought conditions. That is why people prefer this beauty for their gardens. Their cones have green needles that turn into pale brown when they get matured. Its transplantation is pretty convenient. Planting these trees is not a difficult task, and you don't need to worry about the maintenance.


Ship as: BAREROOT With red-brown bark, this tree enhances the beauty of everything surrounding it. You can buy these trees for sale from reliable sources. As the tree sheds its lower branches as it grows old, you can enjoy the shade of the tree as well. Its fruit is edible, so enjoy eating its fruit under its shade. Loblolly Pine Trees are fast growing trees and reach towering heights

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Reviews (2)

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    Loblolly Pine

    Posted by Guy L. on Mar 11, 2022

    Very nice tree. Arrived well packaged and very healthy !

  • 5

    Posted by Jasmine ranson on Jan 05, 2022

    I ordered one and I planted it here i am a year later it has grew 1-2 foot and it is absolutely beautiful it is thriving.


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