Red Cardinal Lobelia

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Cardinal Flower-Lobelia cardinalis Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Partial Shade to Full Sun Mature Height - 3-4' Mature Width- 1-2' Bloom Season – Summer to Fall (July-September) Gardener Status- Novice
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Cardinal Flower - Lobelia Cardinalis

Lobelia Cardinalis can be made into a herb and used to treat epilepsy, stomach aches, worms and also cramps.  It can also be created into ointments and used on wounds and sores that appear on the skin.  The foliage of this plant can be crushed and made into a paste, and when applied to the head it helps with headaches. Cardinal Flower is a beautiful red wildflower that is native to North America. It is usually found growing in naturally wet places like stream banks, riversides, ponds, or swamps. However, it makes a beautiful addition to any garden. The Cardinal's bright scarlet bloom, which was named after the fashionable cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, make this plant stand out in any crowd of plants.The flower stalk forms erect spikes with numerous blooms at the top in mid-summer to early fall. Most other flowers have faded with the heat of the season by the time the Cardinal blooms. Birds and butterflies are attracted to this plant because of the nectar in the tubular blooms are easy to access. This plant will continue to grow year after year, reseeding itself in the right conditions. The maintenance of this plant can be difficult at times for it needs perpetually wet soil to naturalize. This plant is poisonous and should not be eaten. It is however used as a medicinal plant. The Cherokees used it to ease coughs, soothe stomach aches, and dispel worms.

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