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Best Trees For Living Fences

Virginia Pine Tree - Pinus virginiana

Hardy to zone 6, this medium-size evergreen has a life span of up to 90 years. The growth is fast at 8-12 inches per year, height from 15-40 feet when mature. It grows well in clay-type soil with drainage as well as tolerates pruning. This pine will grow in poor soil such as sandy loam but may stay smaller in size.

Spruce Pine Tree - Pinus glabra

Great for areas that are near water, this showy evergreen is often raised for Christmas trees. At maturity, this fast-growing tree grows over 20 feet when mature. It likes full sun and hardy in zones 4-9. The needles are short (1.5 - 4 inches) and flexible. This shapable conifer is a lovely ornamental addition to a landscape.

Bradford Pear - Pyrus calleryana

Not only a fast-growing tree in Spring, but the Bradford Pear also transforms into a brilliant burst of white flowers. In the fall, they have a spectacular leaf display of purple, orange, or pink colors. This pear tree provides fruit that is a favorite of songbirds. Mature growth can be as tall as 40 feet with a 20-foot spread. They are pleased in Zones 6-8 and can do well in hot, humid, and after established drought conditions.

Lombardy Poplar Tree - Populus nigra 'Italica.'

In the fall, the leaves of Lombardy Poplar turn into a stunning yellow pillar of color. Lombardy grows at an average of six feet per year. Total growth can reach up to 100 ft. Tall with a spread of 10 - 15 feet. This shapeable tree loves full sun but will tolerate partial shade in zones 3-9. Starting with smooth gray-green trunks, as the tree ages, the trunk turns black with attractive furrows hence the Latin name.

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