Larkspur 5 For $21.99

Larkspur 5 For $21.99

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Larkspur: A cutting garden favorite flower, the Delphinium, or larkspur, is a low-maintenance perennial that features vibrant blue-violet or purple flowers. It might look like a show-off, but it's a good-natured, North American native species that will thrive in most USDA growing zones in the contiguous 48 states.


Larkspur Is Easy to Love


TN Nursery recommends larkspur to any gardener who wants a flower that can take a lot of sunshine while requiring minimal care. Once you select a partial sunshine home for your larkspur, you should loosen the soil, add compost or fertilizer, and water it about twice a week during dry periods.


At the season's end, you can trim back your larkspur and cushion the roots from the harsh cold weather with a layer of hardwood mulch.


This perennial is truly almost carefree.


The Classic Elegance of Larkspur Makes It a Garden Favorite


Larkspur is ideal in a rock garden, cutting garden, in the middle of a border, or even in a deep container. Plant this showy flower in any sunny spot that needs a vibrant display of blue to purple color.


Larkspur generally grows to around three feet high. The stems stand tall, seeming to reach high toward the sun, and may have a slight fuzz on them in their early growth phase.


The leaves are silvery green, slender, long, and lobed. They present in thicker, alternating groupings near the base of the plant and become more sparse at the top.


Larkspur flowers are the star attraction in many American gardens. The flowers form a loose, inch- to two-inch wide trumpet shape. Each blossom has five petals that curl under, creating a claw shape or spur, hence the name. Expect to see these luscious blossoms in the hot weeks of mid-summer.


The weight of the flower may require staking to keep it from breaking. But that extra helping hand is worth the colorful show you get to witness in return.


Order Larkspur From TN Nursery Today

TN Nursery cultivates some of the healthiest larkspur you will ever find--order yours today and enjoy the lovely blue and purple flowers.





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  • 5
    Glad I purchased

    Posted by Lorraine on Jun 20, 2022

    It came labeled and sealed with care! I will order from you guys more! Thank you so much for the info listed inside as well.

  • 5

    Posted by Sara on Jun 08, 2021

    These were beautiful plants and packaged and shipped with great care!

  • 5
    Very hard plant to run across

    Posted by Taylen on Dec 29, 2020

    I’ve been searching for this plant for quite some time I ordered 5 off of here and it really is what I have been looking for!!

  • 5

    Posted by Tom Rankin on Aug 27, 2019

    Great friendly service. Nicely packaged and quick shipping. and all my flowers where great

  • 5

    Posted by Vanessa Roberts on Aug 26, 2019

    The blooms on this plant are very unique and beautiful. Looks great in my gardens! Very pleased with this plant.

  • 5

    Posted by Nancy Peters on Aug 15, 2019

    Very pleased with this plant. Looks wonderful with other wild flowers.

  • 5

    Posted by Mary Baasham on Aug 15, 2019

    The blooms on this plant are very unique and beautiful. Looks great in my gardens!

  • 5
    Spectacular Color

    Posted by Janet on Apr 01, 2017

    These flowers are beautiful with the colors they display when blooming!!!!

  • 4
    Super Pricing!

    Posted by Carol S. on May 21, 2016

    I love the pricing on the plants that I received.

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