NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Growing Perennial Plants In Your Garden

Perennial plants are extensively used in landscaping home gardens as they have a longer lifespan and they can last for two to three years. They come in countless varieties, and you can grow them in your garden for a beautiful landscape that will remain picturesque for at least three years.

Landscaping with perennial plants requires planning and preparation so that the plants last long and they continue to bloom for several years. The first thing that you should do is to check the location and then choose plants accordingly.

Go in for sun-loving flowering perennials for areas that receive full sunlight and choose shade-tolerant varieties for shaded areas. It is best to purchase plants that can grow well in your location. Native varieties are the safest bet if you are a novice gardener as they are very adaptable and do not require much attention.

You will also have to prepare the garden beds and soil before growing the plants. Remove weeds by cultivating the area as you would not want nasty unwanted weeds to be competing with your beloved plants for essential nutrients. You can use manure or compost to improve the soil quality. Once the beds have been prepared, you can grow your favorite perennial plants.

Perennial plants need care and maintenance so that they grow properly. Keep a check on the weeds and fertilize a couple of times to make up for the lost nutrients. Mulching around plants can help in controlling weeds, and it can also help in retaining moisture. If you do the things right and choose best quality plants, then you can enjoy a thriving garden.

There are many native perennial plants that are not fussy, and they require maintenance. You can grow these native wildflowers in your garden, and they will be happy on their own. Some such low maintenance perennials include Blazing Star, Black Eyed Susan, Coneflower, Foam Flower, Globe Thistle, Hosta, and Peony.

You can also grow some ornamental grasses in your garden to add color and texture. There are many perennial kinds of grass that grow pretty fast and transform the landscape in just a short span of time. These grasses come back every year to accentuate the garden in blooming season.

Perennial plants are very diverse, and they can be used in different areas to achieve desired results. Good quality plants will perform their best in favorable conditions, and they will make you a proud gardener.

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