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Tuesday, March 29

Who doesn’t love the look of a luscious fern?

Ferns come in all shapes and sizes, and most are one universal color; green.

The Silvery Glade Fern is like no other except for its massive size. The Glade Fern can reach massive heights of up to 3 feet and have leaves that reach widths of up to 1 foot each. The Glade Fern usually is dull green to a bright green and has some brownish colored scales on each leaf, usually found near the bottom.

The Silvery Glade Fern does the best in partial sun to full shade and in soils with high ph levels. The Glade Fern grows at its maximum potential when it has soil rich in decaying matter and can be grown in an area protected from the wind.

The Silvery Glade Fern is found mainly in the Illinois area and is usually limited to the wooded valleys, ravines above streams or slopes. This terrestrial fern is found in slopes from the glacier to or underlying bedrock.

The Glade Fern is known for its stout and thick look and how it stands out among the others because of its massive size. Ferns are a great plant to have around in areas that get a lot of shade and have rich ph levels in the soil. A fern is a great way to get green foliage all year long without much work or maintenance.

The Glade Fern is unique because it is almost white when young, and then as it gets older, it turns into a yellowish-green color to a silvery green thus, giving its name as Silvery Glade Fern. The Glade Fern can be found at TN Nursery, where you can get great products at wholesale prices.

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