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The ​Fast Growing Trees And Why You Need Them

The ​Fast Growing Trees And Why You Need Them

Posted by Tammy Sons on Nov 01 , 2018

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Fastest Growing Shade Trees

Majority of people prefer trees which grow fast serving the needs which they were planted for. It is important however to understand that qualities which make trees grow fast are the same qualities which make such trees vulnerable to pests attack. A good example is the silver maple tree which is characterized by a weak stem and a weak rooting system. Slow maturing trees live longer but if all you need us a fast growing tree, here is a list of four such trees.

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The empress tree:

You don’t have to wait for years until you find yourself relaxing under a shade in your compound. Empress tree is one of the fastest growing shade trees. It shoots very fast, its leaves dangling even before foliation can begin. A lovely scent also characterizes the tree. It is, however, essential to check whether the roots are invasive. Sometimes they might penetrate beneath the floor of the house leading to cracks. At maturity, empress tree grows to about 40 to 60 feet high and wide.

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Tulip poplar tree:

Whereas they might be invisible from far, the tulip poplar tree has beautiful, unique flowers which can dress your compound during the summer. The flowers have greenish yellow petals. Although it is a fast growing shade, flowers take longer to appear. The tulip poplar tree blooms during the summer. It can grow between 70 to 90 feet high and 35 to 50 feet wide. It requires moist soil to produce well.

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Red maple tree:

The red maple tree gets its name from the fact that during the winter, its twigs and buds are usually red, during the spring, the flowers are red, and during autumn, leaves turn red before shedding off. The red maple tree can grow to between 70 to 80 feet in an open space. The diameter of the trunk is between one and two feet. The beauty of this tree makes it a favorite among landscapers.

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Silver maple tree:

The silver maple tree is mostly grown in Ontario. In a lifetime, the tree grows to a height of about 35 meters and a one-meter diameter. The red maple is similar to the silver maple except that its leaves instead of being red are brown or pale yellow. The tree has a smooth gray colored back. Its trunk can sometimes be hollow. As a result, this creates space for birds and animals to love it.

With these fastest growing trees, you can be sure of getting the best shade in the shortest time possible. Get any of these trees and see the difference it will bring to your home. Get the best and smile all the way as you enjoy the shade with your family.

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