Fruiting Apple Trees 3-5 Feet

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Fruiting Apple Trees - Size Ranges From 3-5 feet in height

The Advantages Of Planting Apple Trees

Apple trees have a beautiful appearance that makes them a favorite among home and professional gardeners. The shape, size, and branch density are determined by the trimming method used and the rootstock selection rather than nature. Unique characteristics make it stand out from other plants. Several large branches divide off of the main trunk quite low to the ground. This often makes the apple tree more full than it is tall. Leaves with a slightly downy underside and serrated edges are intermixed among dark green leaves with a more defined oval shape. Blossoms form on long shoots and spurs in the spring at the same time that the leaves appear. Each flower is between three to four centimeters wide. They have five soft white petals tinged with a pink hue that fades as time goes by. The fragrant flowers grow in clusters with the most significant bloom referred to as King Bloom. This blossom will develop the most abundant fruit. Popular varieties include the red delicious, yellow delicious, gala, and Rome. All of these types thrive in hardy planting zones 5 – 8. These trees can take warm temperatures, but they do require a chilling period of 32° to 45°F to produce fruit. The standard apple tree reaches a height of 20 to 30 feet. Dwarf versions grow between five to eight feet with semi-dwarf varieties measuring from twelve to sixteen feet. Growth speed varies according to the type of tree, winter chill hours, and pollination. Rome apple trees bear fruit early in their second year and like the red, and good yellow trees will grow 24 inches per year. Fruit matures in late summer and throughout fall with yellow, green, red, pink, or mottled hues. Apple trees require fertile, well-drained soil with plenty of suns. They can be used in landscaping as an ornamental, flowering tree, and they make an excellent privacy hedge during the summer months