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Foam Flower 5 For $14.99 Description

Foam Flower

 Foam Flower - Tiarella Cordifolia - is a valuable plant for its beautiful foliage and small spikes of flowers. 

It gets its name because of the foamy patches of flowering spikes that emerge on thin stems. You may also refer to it as Heartleaf Foamflower, False Miterwort, Coolwort, and Tiarella Cordifolia. It belongs to the species of flowering plant in the Saxifrage Family (Saxifragaceae), and it is a native plant in North America.

You may find them in the forest, swamp, terrestrial, and wetland margins. It is a herbaceous perennial plant growing in a clump form of semi-glossy leaves that are hairy, heart-shaped, and contain 3 to 7 shallow lobes.

You may often notice reddish variegation on the veins of the leaves in the spring that later turn into red-brown lines in the autumn. Its flowers are creamy-white in early spring and later change into pale pink. They are small, star-shaped, upright clusters that rise considerably above the leaves with mostly leafless blossom stalks.

Despite its slow growth rate, this plant quickly forms large colonies that may reach around 1 to 3 feet and spread out around 6 to 12 inches. Growing this plant on soil rich in humus and organic matter is best.

Therefore, soils must have the capability of retaining and draining moisture evenly. It thrives in part shade to full shade. It is a low-maintenance plant; however, it may look neater after removing flower spikes when the flower reaches its maturity. 

 Foam Flower has diuretic, hepatic and tonic properties

Another species is quite similar to this plant, which is Wherry’s Foamflower (Tiarella wherryi). Still, you can tell them apart because Tiarella Wherryi does not produce runners and its deeply lobed leaves resemble fig, oak, or maple leaves. Native Americans may use this plant to cure various diseases, including sore mouth in newborns.

You may also use it in the treatment of liver and bladder problems. Many people make tea from its leaves. You may also use it as a mouthwash and as a wash for sore eyes. The whole plant has diuretic, hepatic and tonic properties.

It is a plant that adds aesthetic beauty to any landscape. You may use it in shady rock gardens, woodland gardens, border fronts, wild gardens, naturalistic plantings, or moist areas along stream banks.

It is an excellent choice as an attractive ground cover for shady areas. It looks very appealing when you use it in a mass planting. You may group them with other shade-loving plants like Ferns, Hostas, and Coral bells. 

Many people around the globe use this as an ornamental plant. Furthermore, It is also an excellent cut flower that you may use in a vase or create beautiful bouquets.

 Foam Flower is for sale online at Tn Nursery 


Reviews (15)

  • 4
    Foam Flower

    Posted by Liz Smith on Jan 23, 2022

    Best for ornamental presentation. I so love it when color changes from white to pink as the season goes by.

  • 4

    Posted by Ralph Taylor on Jan 12, 2022

    Great plant and reasonable price.

  • 5
    Foam flower

    Posted by Susan on Aug 12, 2021

    Arrived dormant. Can't wait till spring now!

  • 5
    The bees and butterflies love it

    Posted by Nevaeh on Dec 29, 2020

    If you want to attract wildlife this is the plant to get

  • 5
    #1 Nursery Conysinrt

    Posted by Trudy Carlson on Nov 13, 2020

    Excellent -- look forward to seeming them in spring

  • 5
    Foam Flower

    Posted by Becky Owensby on Aug 27, 2019

    Great friendly service. Nicely packaged and quick shipping. and all my flowers where great

  • 5
    Foam Flower

    Posted by Heather Slone on Aug 26, 2019

    The blooms on this plant are very unique and beautiful. Looks great in my gardens! Very pleased with this plant.

  • 5
    Foam Flower

    Posted by Darla Rodgers on Aug 23, 2019

    The blooms on this plant are very unique and beautiful. Looks great in my gardens!

  • 5
    Foam Flower

    Posted by Howard Smith on Aug 15, 2019

    This is a beautiful flower. It was packaged nicely and is lovely to look at.


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