Fiddlehead Fern

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Fiddlehead Fern - Matteuccia Struthiopteris Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Light to Full Shade Mature Height - 36-72" Mature Width- 60-96" Bloom Season – Not a flowering plant Gardener Status- Beginner

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Fiddlehead Ferns - Matteuccia struthiopteris

Fiddlehead ferns are a fantastic fern and are also edible.  Most who have experienced the old-world culinary delicacy of Fiddlehead Ferns, won't soon forget it. The delicate, earthy taste is not unlike asparagus, although it has a more layered flavor if picked fresh. These ferns have a feeling to remember. If selected at the proper time, before getting too large and sturdy, Fiddleheads can be served blanched or tossed raw in salads. They may also be cooked lightly with butter and salt and served with game fowl. They are the small, tightly-curled rings of a newly sprouting fern frond before it is mature. Many U.S. regions prize 'Fiddleheads' as a traditional delicacy, which began in Europe. Several different species produce fiddleheads, but only those of a few varieties are both safe and good to eat. The best are Ostrich Ferns, which can be delivered quickly and safely to you at the peak of flavor. They offer a unique look at them and also supplies lots of color to gardens and natural areas.  These are reliable as they can be consumed in delicious salads and other dishes.  These ferns are loved by homeowners for the unique look and appearance they provide once they are mature. The fiddlehead fern (Osmunda cinnamomea), also called cinnamon fern, is prized for its graceful, brown-tinged fronds, which are tightly curled when they first appear each spring. This fern reaches an average height of about 6 feet and forms clumps up to 1 foot in diameter. It thrives in damp, rich soil and does well in shady locations, though it also grows in full sun if watered regularly. The fiddlehead fern is resistant to both pests and disease. It is effortless to care for, requiring very little attention once its roots are established.


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