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Adding pieces of driftwood to your garden can significantly enhance its appeal. It is a very versatile object that is used almost anywhere. It can, for instance, be used as a container in which to plant small flowers and plants. Ferns grow particularly well in such pots. These planters can also fill up with river rock, sand or seashells to increase their charm.

Driftwood can also be used to decorate garden corners. It makes an excellent external border piece as well. A driftwood planter can also be used to fill empty places in a garden or, multiple parts can be used to divide a garden into sections.

It looks good on stone or in the dirt. It can be used to decorate pathways or to enhance the appearance of a house's front steps. It seems right around fences or among trees. It can even be used to improve the appearance of patio furniture. Large pieces can serve as garden benches.

Advantages of drift wood

One of the advantages to using this kind of wood over other types of planters is that it looks very natural in a garden setting. Different types of wood, which have been carved, cut and nailed together often look nice, but they do not have the same natural look. Another advantage to using this kind of planter is that it is ecologically safe. There is no risk of contaminating a garden with unsafe paints and chemicals with such a farmer.

Another advantage to using this sort of decoration is that every piece is unique. Because this kind of wood is shaped by water over the course of many years, each piece has its own look, size, and character.

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