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Daffodils are early spring blooming perennials

Daffodils hold a special place in many hearts. Because they are among the first flowers to make a welcome appearance in the cool days of early spring, they send a light-hearted message of hope and joy. Their bright yellow heads cheer up winter-weary gardeners as they poke their heads through the soil and raise their sunny heads to the sun. 


About Daffodil Flowers 

Daffodils display small, trumpet-shaped flowers growing about twelve to eighteen inches tall. Their deep yellow trumpets and pale yellow perianth segments give them a very striking appearance. They grow well in bright light and tolerate still-cold temperatures.


Daffodils belong to the genus Narcissus. These European native plants are perennials and grow from a brown sphere-shaped bulb. As they mature, they develop leafless stems. The flower itself features a cup-shaped center called the corona. Narcissus pseudonarcissus is also known as angel's tears because of its prominent corona.


The daffodil family features fifty species and over 25,000 hybrids--a large family with many similarities but all hardy to those first cold days of springtime. 


Daffodils are deer-resistant and rabbit-resistant, reducing the odds that your woodland friends will feast on your colorful flowers.


When to Plant Daffodils


Gardeners generally plant daffodil bulbs in the late summer through the fall. Although they are cold-hardy, these cheery white and yellow flowers require sunshine to wake them up in the late winter, signaling that it's time to make their grand entrance into the world. 


The bulbs are easy to plant, requiring nothing more than well-amended soil, compost or fertilizer, and a sunny spot. They are unfussy and bountiful plants that do not demand much care--ideal for anyone from a beginner gardener to a seasoned pro. 


Some gardeners plant them in traditional border gardens, placing them behind lower early spring flowers that will look charming when they bloom. Others prefer to grow the bulbs in clusters or groupings of three to five bulbs each to create an eye-catching and colorful show of colors in the spring. Neither way is right or wrong; it's about each gardener's desired effect and preferences.


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