Trellis Climbers -15 Plants



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Trellis Climbers -15 Plants

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Trellis Climbers -15 Plants



March April


Blooming Age
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Trellis Climber Package

Trellis Climber Package: TN Nursery makes it easy for you to try a satisfying variety of plants at an extreme value. Our trellis climber package provides you with fifteen plants appropriate to train against a fence, building, pergola, or any other dull spot where you need to add some color.

TN Nursery Hand-selects Every Trellis Climber Package According to the Customer's Growing Region

Our trellis climber package is hand-selected by one of the TN Nursery horticulture specialists only after consideration of your growing zone. We carry a robust selection of primarily native species that will thrive under optimal planting conditions.

You might ask yourself what the best growing conditions are in your area or hesitate to purchase because you're unsure what will work. Don't worry--with the trellis climber package, you can leave that concern to us. When you place your order with TN Nursery, we will look at your USDA growing zone and consider which plants perform well in your particular climate.

Trellis Climber Package may include

Some of the plants we might consider are suitable for either training to climb or as border plants or ground cover. You will receive a wonderful collection to use as it pleases you.

A few plants that might come in your package could be the following:

  • English Ivy: A classic, dark green vine that works as a climber or ground cover. It is hardy and multiplies quickly, adding traditional greenery to many locations.
  • Periwinkle (Vinca minor): The lush greenery and charming blue-violet flowers make this a welcome addition to liven up your trellis. You can also plant it as a hardy ground cover; it will form a dense mat that helps prevent soil erosion.
  • Virginia Creeper: This drought-tolerant ivy is a coveted ornamental vine because of its quick growth and fast coverage. It grows well in most of the United States and from full sunshine to full shade.
  • Trumpet Vines (Campsis radicans): This fast-spreading vine has a lovely tube-shaped flower that is a favorite of hummingbirds. This sun-loving vine also works well in a border garden's front or low section.

These are only a few of the many vines that TN Nursery might select for you. Each order is custom-curated and thoughtfully explicitly packaged for YOU!

Trellis Climber Package is available to order at TN Nursery Today

If you want to sample a great variety of vines and climbing plants at an excellent price, order your trellis climber package from TN Nursery today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christina Ehrmann
Not happy with plants

All still dormant and unsure if alive or will come back.

Nileshkumar pandya
I am not good with one Trellis Climber, I was looking for blue flower Climber. English Ivy you se...

So far as your service is the best.

Thank you for the awesome review. We are so pleased to hear it is working just as it should and that you are enjoying it so much!

Thomas Rice
TRELLIS Climber package

I am always awed with The beautiful of Trellis. This package makes The front or my House simple Lovely.