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Swamp Milkweed

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Swamp Milkweed



Now May


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Swamp milkweed - Attract Butterflies Naturally

Swamp milkweed is a mid-summer flowering perennial that adds vibrant colors and texture to your garden. Its fragrant blooms attract pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds, while its foliage provides much-needed nourishment for monarch caterpillars. Plus, its strong root structure helps to prevent erosion.

Transform your garden into a butterfly sanctuary with the majestic swamp milkweed. It is a hardy perennial that is easy to grow and sustainable, making it the perfect addition to any landscape. Create a breathtaking view while providing food and habitat for wildlife all year round.

 Bring some of nature’s beauty into your backyard! Plant swamp milkweed today and create a stunning garden paradise.

Milkweed Plants: Butterfly gardening at its best with this type of plant, The regal monarch butterfly recently landed on the endangered species list. But one action you can take to help restore their numbers is adding milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) plants to your garden.

Swamp Milkweed Could Save the Monarch Butterfly

This North American native species nourishes the monarch butterfly's larvae. Indeed, milkweed is the only plant that can give its eggs, larvae and newly hatched caterpillars protection from predators and the sustenance they need.

Since monarch butterflies only exist on the North American continent, from Canada to Mexico, it makes sense that they adapted along with this once-abundant native plant.

As America grew from the east coast, large swaths of natural meadows fell victim to land clearing for development. Most likely unknowingly to the earliest developers, they destroyed the food necessary for the monarch to raise their young.

Scientists placed monarchs on the endangered list with one bright spot. If every gardener across North America plants milkweed, there is still hope. We can reverse this cycle by restoring the habitat the monarch butterfly needs for its survival.

Besides being the nectar that could save the monarchs, milkweed is a grand flower that deserves a sunny spot in your garden.

Swamp Milkweed - Asclepias Incarnata Plant care and maintenance

A full-grown Asclepias incarnata plant can reach a stately height of almost five feet. You may wonder how the weight of the long, narrow, willow-like leaves, tall stalks, and flowers don't topple the plant. Don't worry--the long taproot will keep Asclepias incarnata well-secured all season long. Furthermore, the long taproots of the plant will help keep your soil loosened for proper water and nutrient absorption.

The gorgeous cotton candy flowers bloom in vibrant pink, purple, and lavender hues. Milkweed gains that fluffy appearance as many small, vanilla-scented flowers form around a central flower in a clustered head.

The perennial plants seed themselves, forming inside pods that dry out in the summer heat and then burst open to reproduce the following season. They are easy-growing plants that want nothing more than a full-sun location, well-amended soil, and moisture--but with good drainage.

The name milkweed refers to the white, sticky fluid you would see if you break off a stem.

Do Your Part to Save Monarch Butterflies…Order Swamp Milkweed Today

Swamp Milkweed is available online at TN Nursery

Please feel free to order milkweed today--the existence of monarch butterflies depends on concerned gardeners like you.

Customer Reviews

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L.G. Clearwater, FL.
Only one sprouted

I wanted milkweed for the butterflies but unfortunately only one is growing. It is growing beautifully but I wish they all would have grown. This was my first ever order with this company...not sure I will order here again.

Celia Roe
Swamp Milkweed

I planted them last week...anxiously awaiting first green leaves. They will be part of a butterfly garden I'm starting this spring.

Celia, we really appreciate you taking the time to leave us your 5-star review. It means a lot to the whole team, and we’d love to have you back very soon.

Connie Green
Swamp Milkweed received in great condition, haven't planted it yet looks perfect barefoot.

Arrived perfect have it in fridge until I plant it.

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us a 5-Star review, Connie.

Susan Streisel
Looking forward to seeing it come up.

My order came quickly and there was even an extra milkweed root in package. Looking forward to seeing it come up. Thank you for your quick service and good prices.

Thanks for the 5 stars Susan, your review is a great way to let us know we’re on track for making our customers smile! We appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Linda Byers

Swamp Milkweed

Linda, thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback!