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Lawn Moss - TN Nursery
Lawn Moss

Coverage: 5 Square Feet

Lawn Moss - TN Nursery
Lawn Moss - TN Nursery
Lawn Moss - TN Nursery

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Paul Majeski
My first experience with lawn moss

I have **** dealt with lawn moss before so I didn't know what to expect. Would it come in a roll like carpeting or squares like sod? It actually came as little clumps in a box. I had the spot all prepared so I spread the moss to cover the spot and watered it in. That was yesterday and today I can already see that the moss is perking up and it is going to be just what I wanted for that spot. I gave them four stars because I have one complaint. They mention on their website that all orders are shipped by 3-4 day ground, I wish they would also mention that they require 7-10 days to process orders before they are shipped so the customer can better anticipate when their plants will arrive.

Lisa Holtz
Lawn Moss

The moss was beautiful. We have **** ordered moss before and we were expecting it to come in rolls that we could roll out easily. It came in pieces, many, many small pieces, no rolls. It also had a lot o leaves and other debris in it. The moss varied in color as well. Although it is beautiful, it was not easy to lay down and looks more interesting than a beautiful carpet of moss.

Jo Veal

Received in great condition

Robin Brackin
Beautiful moss

Great place to get healthy plants

Patricia Weaver
Lawn Moss

Excellent, need more