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Elm Tree

Elm Tree

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Elm Tree - Ulmus spp.

The Elm tree is majestic and versatile, with numerous landscaping benefits. With its impressive size, graceful form, and adaptability to different environments, the tree has been a favorite among landscape designers for centuries.

One primary benefit of incorporating trees into landscaping is their aesthetic appeal.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

Elms are stately trees that have a unique branching pattern and a canopy that offers ample shade, making them a striking focal point.

The trees can grow to heights, providing an imposing and grand presence that adds a sense of maturity and elegance to the surrounding space.

Moreover, the tree's lush foliage and dense canopy create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in gardens and public spaces. Their shade-providing capacity is precious in urban settings, where they can help reduce the urban heat island effect and provide a respite from the sun during hot summer months. As a result, the trees create pleasant outdoor environments for people to enjoy.

Aside from their visual and environmental benefits, the tree also offers practical advantages in landscaping. Their solid and durable wood makes them suitable for various applications, including furniture, flooring, and construction. Historically, Elmwood was prized for its resistance to splitting, making it a preferred choice for making wheel hubs and boat keels.

The tree also plays a role in supporting biodiversity. Their large and leafy canopies provide nesting sites and shelter for various bird species. Additionally, the tree's flowers are an essential source of nectar for bees and pollinators, contributing to the health and survival of these vital insects.

In conclusion, the tree is a treasured and versatile addition to landscaping. Its aesthetic appeal, shade-providing capacity, practical applications, and role in supporting biodiversity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Karen Quick
Elm Tree

It arrived in good shape. It's still alive, so I have big hopes for it next Spring!

K Marcum
American Elms

I am so excited about the American Elms. We have them in some big, thin, wooden crates and are waiting for some work on the land to be completed before we put them in the ground. Crate & all. The crates have had dirt in them for two years and are already breaking down, which was the plan. So it will be very easy for the roots to grow out. I’m hoping we will decide to dig a big pond and plant them near it! 🌳💚🌳

George Kurywczak

Elm Tree

Luise Strauss
Not sure yet

Going to plant this week.. need to fence it from deer

Stephen Slaughter
It is a stick

Don't know what to review other than the delivery of my sapling. It is a 3 to 4 foot stick. It is in the ground and I will know if it will grow or not come spring.