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Terrarium Garden Kit

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Terrarium Garden Kit



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Terrarium Garden Kit

Cultivating plants in a terrarium is a rewarding and relaxing hobby that many around the country enjoy. People who take up terrariums as a hobby say the connection with nature makes them feel calmer. Growing these miniature plants adds organic texture to your home and helps cleanse the air of impurities.

However, some people have difficulty deciding what to grow in their miniature gardens. Fortunately, TN Nursery can help you get started with a Terrarium Garden Kit that will give you several must-have elements. Our kit is unlike any that you’ll find elsewhere.

Terrarium Garden Kit care and maintenance

The difference between our terrarium garden kit and others is that we collect all the materials fresh from the wild–from the fertile hills of Tennessee.

Because the content of the kit is hand-collected, no two pieces are exactly alike. Our daughter Bailey harvests the healthiest, most vibrant forest plants she can find from the hills surrounding our central Tennessee nursery. Some might find and include , lichen, mosses, mushrooms or other fungi, or partridgeberry plants. So you see, each kit is unique because it depends on what Bailey locates that day. What a delightful surprise!

After collecting the best plants for the terrarium garden kit, she supplies you with ultra-rich worm castings to nourish your plants and keep them lush and green.

We limit these sales because that careful selection process is very time-intensive. Bailey helps us fulfill these orders each evening after work, so she can only harvest the content for about three terrarium garden kits daily.

The product images show a few actual kits–each of which Bailey assembled for past customers. Yours may vary from these pictures, but we are confident you will be delighted!

PLEASE NOTE- The glass container is not included, it is just a picture of the possibility of what your kit could look like. 

Start Your Indoor Terrarium Garden Today

If you are eager to start your miniature garden, you can (and should!) start today. Along with many other plants suitable for your indoor garden, TN Nursery can assemble a terrarium garden kit and ship it to you. All we need is your order!

Terrarium garden kits are available online at TN Nursery

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Vilar
Terrarium kit

Loved the terrarium kit. Plants look healthy and lots of pieces to arrange. It would be helpful to know the names of the plants- for their best care and in case my cats want to explore.

As advertised with a caveat

Everything came as advertised. But be aware that it does not come with a container. Most people would probably know that, but for novices like me, don’t assume that it does.

Too Much

These items were received quickly and in great shape. But be aware that the plants I received are 6+ inches tall. The two nice sticks with lichen are about 9 or 10 inches long. The two pieces of bark are each about 4 by 6 inches. All this to say that this is a great kit for a very large terrarium, perhaps a 10 more likely a 20-gallon fish tank. The large size of some of the pieces makes it difficult to create several small terrariums.

This is a great buy, but you get large items.

Christine Mash

Terrarium Garden Kit

So many varieties!

Best purchase I’ve made in a while! I made 7 biosphere jars! Tons of different varieties will absolutely be ordering more.