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Pink Princess Dogwood

Pink Princess Dogwood

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Pink Princess Dogwood - Cornus Florida 'Pink Princess'

The Pink Princess Dogwood is a prized addition to landscaping projects, offering an array of advantages encompassing aesthetic, ecological, and practical benefits. Its unique attributes create a harmonious interplay of visual beauty, environmental support, and functional value, making it a favored choice among landscape designers and homeowners.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

Aesthetically, it imparts an air of elegance to landscapes.

The Pink Princess Dogwood's graceful branching structure and eye-catching pink or reddish-pink blooms that appear in spring.

The distinctive color of its flowers, which stands out against the backdrop of emerging green foliage, creates a captivating focal point in gardens and yards.

Ecologically, it contributes to the local ecosystem. Its blooms provide nectar for pollinators like bees and butterflies, fostering biodiversity and facilitating essential ecological interactions. The tree's berries, which follow the flowers, offer nourishment to birds and small mammals, further enhancing the interconnectedness of the local wildlife community.

Functionally, it offers practical benefits as well. Its moderate size makes it suitable for various landscaping applications, including as a specimen tree or as part of a mixed border. Its adaptability to multiple soil types and growing conditions enhances its usability in diverse landscapes. The tree's deciduous nature introduces the allure of changing seasons, with its vibrant autumn foliage offering an additional burst of color.

Furthermore, its distinctive variegated foliage enhances its year-round visual appeal, featuring pink, cream, and green splashes. This trait adds an extra layer of interest and beauty to the landscape even when the tree is not blooming.

In conclusion, it brings many benefits to landscaping designs. From its captivating aesthetic allure and ecological contributions to its practical versatility and year-round visual appeal, this tree enriches outdoor environments. It's capacity to infuse landscapes with elegant beauty, attract pollinators, and provide both visual and ecological value positions it as a cherished choice for those seeking to create visually pleasing and ecologically vibrant landscapes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

I received a Pink Princess and Cherokee Chief on May 4 in excellent condition. The packaging was done with great care for both plants. They seemed to "wake up" immediately after unwrapping. I planted the next day and just over two weeks, they are now sprouting.

David Looney

the princess had leaves on arrival and they stayed healthy and are now growing a little . Cherokee chief had green branches and stouk ?sp? but did no growing. finally two buds have developed on the main trunk , so i think he is going to make it.

william reames
Pink Princess Dogwood

The tree arrived in excellent condition and looks great. The young lady I spoke to on the phone was very helpful and polite. Thanks for everything.

Terry Martin
Pink princess dogwood

Looks very healthy, waiting for it to bud out

Monte Lentner

looked good, got them in the ground, waiting on leaves!