Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree

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Cherokee Princess Dogwood - Cornus florida

The flowering dogwood also known as the “Cherokee princess” is a small ornamental tree known for it’s huge white blossoms that bloom in the spring months. It has been said to be the most beautiful of the flowering Native American trees. They can grow to be 30 ft at maturity and have a spread of 35ft. It grows a canopy about 4 ft from the ground and is highly recommended to not be planted under power lines. The bark is grey in color and has deep beautiful green leaves both of which become covered by the attention catching blossoms. Their oval green leaves turn shades of red in the fall leaving red berries, which are inedible for humans but great for wildlife. The berries are loved by birds , so the tree will definitely be an attractor of enthusiastic song birds. In addition, they can also serve as great backdrops for photo shoots or can simply be utilized as a natural ornament to give a touch of life in any area it is planted. 
The flowing dogwood is a very low maintenance tree, and is a top choice when wanting to enjoy the exciting sight of various birds. When used in landscaping they are recommended to be used for either accent or shade. Due to their extending canopy this tree can serve a perfect spring picnic spot or even a relaxing place to get into a book. They are decorative in nature while also providing a tremendous amount of shade. It’s common to see this tree planted on residential property usually around homes, near patios, or gardens. 
This tree has a slow grow rate and when given their ideal conditions are expected to live for around 30 years. It grows the best in full sun exposure and partial shade with evenly moist, well drained acidic soil.

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