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Raspberry Plants

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Raspberry Plants are great for jelly and jam

Raspberries are delicate fruit to harvest and that’s one reason why they’re so expensive at the grocery store. If you want mountains of fresh, delicious, fragrant raspberries at a fraction of that cost, you can easily grow your own. So, what are you waiting for? Buy raspberry bushes now and you’ll soon have enough raspberries to eat fresh — you may even have enough to freeze or turn into jam.

Raspberry Plants produce stunning red raspberries

Traditional red raspberry varieties produce gorgeous fruit, especially when the berries are sun-warmed. But did you know you can buy raspberry bushes that provide a variety of colors and flavors?

It’s true. We sell heritage red raspberry bushes, which produce simply stunning red raspberries. This variety has come about as a result of careful selection over many generations so it’s hardy and produces the most delicious fruit.

We also stock black raspberry bushes. And black raspberries are much harder to find than their red cousins. Plus they’re full of antioxidants and other really beneficial compounds.

Raspberry Plants are idea for growing your own delicious fruit

Pro tip:

Raspberries love to spread. So if you want to keep them contained, plan out the area you want them to fill and then take steps to keep them confined to that location. You might plant them next to a shed or paved area for instance. Surrounding the area with weed-matting can also help.

The best way to keep your raspberry bushes where you want them though, is to plant them in containers. They grow really well in containers so don’t worry that this will affect your harvest.

So if you want to grow your own raspberries, all our raspberry bushes produce absolutely delicious fruit and they’re easy to maintain too. Best of all, they’re cheap to buy and maintain so you’ll save heaps of money because you won’t need to buy them from the grocery store anymore.