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Low Bush Blueberry

Low bush blueberry can also be commonly called a groundcover because of its low growing ability. It prefers to have a trellis or line that it can grow on; it is not necessary, but it is beneficial because it can help a homeowner not have to stoop so low to pick the berries. When growing it is best to plant them around two feet apart to allow for adequate room to grow and spread. They are quick growers and can grow quickly. The more sun, the better the crop yield will become.  These are extraordinary smaller plants and can grow to become one to two feet tall.  They are amazing and can grow in almost all locations where they are planted.  They look great in natural areas as they do not grow to become too large.  They make beautiful ornamental shrubs for all gardens and the natural regions.  They provide a small berry that appears blue when they are ready to be picked from the shrub.  This shrub also offers beautiful blue flowers during the spring months as they get ready to produce delicious berries.  These berries are fantastic when used to create delicious pies, jams, and jellies to be enjoyed all year.  These shrubs attract small wildlife and also a variety of birds that loves the berries as they ripen.  They are very easy to grow and a great way to make sure that the fruit that is consumed is fresh right from the shrub. Lowbush blueberries are an excellent choice if you want berries for canning, eating or freezing. They are also lovely landscape shrubs. Lowbush blueberries grow to a height of one to two feet. The fruit of the blueberry shrub contains one of the best sources of antioxidants available. Lowbush blueberries prefer planting in any acidic soil spot that is sunny. The more sunlight they receive, the more blueberries you will be able to harvest. Blueberries prefer sandy soil. Lowbush blueberries love being fed a water-soluble ammonium nitrogen fertilizer with a low PH. Plant two bushes for proper pollination.