Blue Cohosh Plants

Blue Cohosh Plants

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Blue Cohosh-Caulophyllum thalictroides Hardy Planting Zones- 4-7 Sun or Shade – Partial Shade to Full Sun Mature Height - 2-4' Mature Width- 1-2' Bloom Season – Spring (April-June) Gardener Status- Novice

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Blue Cohosh - Caulophyllum thalictroides

Blue Cohosh - Caulophyllum thalictroides. Blue cohosh is a perennial plant in the barberry family that produces small, blueberry-like fruits along with blue-green foliage. The leaves are tulip-shaped and serrated at the tip. Blue cohosh grows in hardwood forests throughout the eastern United States. It becomes best in shady, moist locations such as hillsides and caves. Native Americans used blue cohosh as a woman's herb. It can be used for uterine weakness and a childbirth aid. The plant acts as a uterine stimulant, increasing the uterine muscle tones. Its properties also serve as a menstrual cycle simulator. It is is a well-known and useful plant. Blue Cohosh plants are often created into capsules and can also be brewed into teas. They help with the pains that are caused by arthritis and also can help with symptoms of menopause. They have also been used to bring on menstruation and to induce labor for natural childbirth. These or any other plants should only be used when recommended by a doctor or herbalist.

The Blue Cohosh

belongs to the buttercup family and produces small, bushing leaves which act somewhat like a groundcover. Blue Cohosh is native to the eastern half of North America and has traditionally been used as an herbal treatment for various ailments. The Blue Cohosh is also known by the name 'Squaw Root.' This plant is fantastic when added to gardens and brings a lot of beautiful color with it. It thrives when planted in well-drained soils. This plant will display its beautiful blooms during April through June and adds an enormous amount of beauty when grown. These are an ideal choice for all homeowners and gardeners as they are very easy to grow and becomes to be very tall and can create a high focal point for a garden. These beautiful flowers add incredible curb appeal as they grow and bloom. This is a great way to bring a lot of life and brilliance to all gardens. These beautiful plants can also be used to create beautiful and bright ground covers for natural areas. This large online nursery ships these gorgeous plants in bare root form and they are ready to plant as soon as they are received. Blue Cohosh




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