New Home, New Plants - Home Landscaping

You lived in a cramped apartment and scraped every penny you could to save for your new home. You have moved in and finally unpacked all the boxes. You spent hours considering the inside of your new home, but what about the outside? Most people will not see the inside of your home but will judge it by your curb appeal or lack thereof.

You have a new home and need new plants. Where to begin your quest for new plants?

What about trying a garden center with multiple varieties of plants and trees for sale? A garden center can provide guidance and select plants and trees that best suit your needs. Consider how much maintenance you want to commit to in your yard; this will guide your choices in bushes, shrubs, and plant selections. Many plants are available that are low maintenance if your garden is not where you want to spend all your free time.

Trees, what about trees? Your yard is sterile except for an occasional leaf that blows from your neighbor’s yard. You consider the trees you loved as a child, purchase a few maple trees, and buy pine trees for the property line. After your friends finish your version of a weekend warrior, you sit on the patio and look at your garden. It is incredible how a few trees and plants can make such a slight space difference. You understand the meaning behind your grandmother’s favorite song, “What a Wonderful World.”

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