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Native Blue Vervain

 Are you looking for a gorgeous flower that will grow well with the other flowers in your home or office landscape? If so, then Blue Vervain Plant could be the plant for you. Also known as Verbena hastata, this is a dark purple and pink flower that grows well in the wild in the local area. Furthermore, this is also a beautiful flower that grows well around other trees and shrubs, making this a great addition to your garden or yard. At Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, we want to offer a wide selection of plants and flowers that you can tailor to meet your needs. Learn more about this gorgeous flower below.

What Does the Blue Vervain Plant Look Like

It is a native, perennial flower that blooms beautifully in our local climate. When fully grown, it stands between two and five feet in height. It has a square, hairy stem that is usually green; however, later in the year, it can take on a slightly red color. In addition, the leaves are shaped like lances and have slight ridges. The leaves progress in pairs up the stem. Each leaf is approximately one inch wide and six inches long. At the top of the flower, gorgeous purple and pink flowers bloom in elongated panicles. Each flower is about five inches in length.

Where Does Blue Vervain Plant Grow

The Blue Vervain Plant is a hearty flower that grows well in various areas. It is a flower that prefers moist conditions. This flower blooms well in full sun as well as shade. In the wild, one can find it in meadows, pastures, thickets, and prairies. Because it likes water, this flower commonly grows along the edges of rivers and marshes. It also makes an ideal home for various animals that want to pollinate this flower. Natively, this flower grows all over North America. It can be found in the New England area, throughout the Southeast, across the West Coast, and even into Canada. Because this flower grows everywhere, it is easy to care for.

Trust Tennessee Wholesale Nursery for Blue Vervain Plant

If you are looking for the Blue Vervain Plant, our team is here to help you. Our flower experts will help you find the perfect arrangement for you. We can help you pair Verbena Hastata with a gorgeous array of plants to put on a show. Give us a call today!

Blue Vervain - TN Nursery

Blue Vervain

The sky-blue flowers bloom throughout the summer, adding color to any outdoor space. Its slender, lance-shaped leaves and overall graceful growth habit enhance its visual appeal. As a result, it can be used as a focal point in flowerbeds or as an attractive backdrop for other plants, creating a captivating display in gardens. Add Stunning Beauty With a Blue Vervain Blue Vervain has rough hairs and branching, and four-angled stems of the tall, leggy perennial wildflower known as blue vervains give them a very elegant look. They typically bloom each year from June to October. The first to bloom are those at the flower's base. The flowers open and ascend the stems, which have pointy tips with coarsely serrated edges. They resemble candelabras (chandeliers) because of all the flower spikes that form on top. They grow up to five feet tall. Add Structure and Texture to Your Garden With Blue Vervain It features a bushy growth habit and dense foliage, making it ideal for adding structure to your yard. Their bushy appearance makes yards look fuller. They have lance-shaped leaves coming from their stems in alternating patterns, which creates a textural contrast with other plants. Their small, brightly colored blossoms enhance the aesthetic and architectural appeal of gardens and landscaping. Add Color to Your Yard With Blue Vervain Their blooms boast a variety of colors, ranging from blue to deep purple to light lavender. On rare occasions, the flowers are white. The blooms have five joined petals at the base that create a small tube, and they are around 1/4 inch wide. A little stem supports the thin, lance-oblong leaves that grow up to seven inches in length and one inch wide. These leaves have a pointy tip, coarsely serrated margins, and a broad base. The slightly hairy stems can be either green or reddish in color. Use Blue Vervain to Draw in Pollinators They have bright blue-purple flowers that contain a large amount of nectar and pollen. This attracts butterflies and other pollinators, such as bees and hummingbirds. Both the Verbena moth and the Common Buckeye butterfly lay their eggs on blue vervains. These plants usually attract the most pollinators during late summer and fall. Because few other plants bloom at the same time, they attract a lot of late-flying pollinators, which is good for the environment because it increases biodiversity.

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