Black Gum

Black Gum

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Common Name/ Latin Name- Nyssa sylvatica Hardy Planting Zones- Eastern U.S /native to Kentucky Mature Height- 30 to 50 feet Mature Width- 20 to 30 feet

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Black Gum - Nyssa sylvatica

Black Gum Tree is a beautiful tree with glossy dull takes off. This tree is discovered developing best in the dirt like soils and full daylight; this tree can't deal with inordinate shade. At the point when the tree is youthful, it has dark, marginally flaky bark, yet as this tree ages the bark turns out to be thick and faint, taking after crocodile skins. This tree's foliage is dense and dull also, with much darker leaves than different trees have. These leaves are oval formed for the most part. This tree blooms in the springtime months with little green-white blossoms that form along with a tall stem. These blooms are a critical sustenance hotspot for some pollinators, for example, honey bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds that feast upon the blossoms nectar. The organic product is a dark blue shading and is an exceedingly pined for the natural outcome for fowls. This gum tree is local to North America and can be discovered developing in the hardwood backwoods of the eastern part. This tree favors clammy grounds and can regularly be observed developing adjacent marshes and wetlands. This tree likewise inclines toward acidic soils to develop in. This tree is similarly utilized as a part of the home building for a great mixture of winged animals, rodents, squirrels, raccoons, and even bumblebees. The wood is esteemed for being hard and cross-grained making it extraordinarily dependable and essential for things that go under great everyday stress. The Black Gum is a beautiful tree with a straight trunk and around the crown. The leaves of the black gum tree change to different colors as the seasons change. It turns from shiny green, to yellow, orange and purple in weeks. The tree is native to North America. The tree reaches a height of 30 to 50 feet tall and its branches can spread to reach 20 to 30 feet weight. It can thrive in soils with different drainage. Therefore, thriving in dry soils and even though saturated with water. Also, it's tolerant of alkali and salt soils. Black Gum







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