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Plants for Tennessee are easy to plant and maintain for the most part

Is your garden or landscape located in Tennessee? If so, then this page is for you. Every plant on this page is rated for zones 5a-8a (the USDA hardiness zones that apply to Tennessee), and we stock individual plants that have adapted over several generations to your climate. Better yet, all our plants are grown here in Tennessee so they’ll be perfectly suited to your garden.

Plants for Tennessee don't have to be watered as often as most

How to grow plants in Tennessee
Tennessee has a high annual rainfall when compared with other areas in the US. This means you won’t need to water as often, but you will need to ensure you provide plenty of drainage for your plants, so they don’t get waterlogged. (If you do have a waterlogged or boggy area, choose wetland plants.) It’s also a good idea to plant lots of ground covers or lay lots of mulch to stop the rain from washing away your precious topsoil.

Plants for Tennessee should be planted with mulch and in the correct soil

While Tennessee gets some snow, you’re likely to get less snow each year than many other areas of the US. As snow is good for insulating plant roots during winter, you may also find your plants appreciate the same mulch and ground covers over winter — ground covers and mulch insulate the soil so the soil temperature fluctuates less and that keeps plant roots more comfortable. And happy plants means a better display for you when your plants come out of their dormancy.

Other than these things, your plants are likely to need little maintenance. Depending on your soil conditions, you may need to add some fertilizer, but you shouldn’t need to use vast amounts of fertilizer. Just choose plants that suit the light level and soil and in your garden and you should have no problems growing beautiful plants in your Tennessee garden.

Pro tip:
Tennessee’s climate is perfect for fruit trees and berries, many of which need a reasonable number of chilling winter hours to set fruit properly.