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Berry Vines

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Affordable berry vines

Berries are one of the most popular edibles to grow in a home garden. This is in part because they’re often expensive to buy at the grocery store or farmers’ market. But home-grown berries taste so much better than their grocery store counterparts and some seeds are just too delicate for commercial shipping methods. So, why not grow some of your delicious berries? We’ve got a vast range of berry vines including our ever popular dewberry and blackberry vines. And our prices start as low as $4.99 for a single plant.

Berry vines as living mulch ground cover plants

Apart from producing delicious berries, berry vines are also useful as living much ground cover plants. If you’ve got bare soil in your veggie patch or another area of your edible garden, then a berry vine is the perfect way to cover the ground and increase the productivity of your space.

Wild strawberries are one of the most popular plants for this purpose, and they’re a great option when you’ve got little gaps here and there. If you’ve got more significant holes to fill, then dewberry and blackberry vines are perfect. Both will quickly cover bare soil and produce a super tasty crop.

An alternative to these more traditional berries is the humble grape. Ok, well maybe they’re not that humble, but grapes are so versatile that they’re a perfect choice for living mulch ground covers. You can eat the grapes fresh, dry them to make raisins, combine them with pectin to make jam or ferment them to make wine.

If your tastebuds are now tingling and your mouth watering, then check out or wild grape vines and concord grape vines.

Pro tip:
If you don’t want to net your berry vines, plant some sacrificial plants nearby, that will attract local birds away from the berries you want to harvest.

So if you want to grow your berries, all our berry vines look great, produce seeds that taste great and have a truly high price. Buy yours today from only $4.99.