NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

How To Grow Huge Garden Plants

If you are looking to grow huge garden plants, you need to follow some special tips and tricks.

For starters, it all begins with the soil. The soil needs to be full of nutrients, but it also needs to have oxygen exposure. Tight, packed earth is not going to work well in this situation. Due to this, it is helpful to purchase gardening soil from the local nursery. If the garden is too big or too expensive, tending the ground and making sure it is appropriately dug up and broken down is very important. That needs to happen early in the spring to prepare the ground for fertilization.

Gardening done right

After you have prepared the soil, you need to add fertilizer. Beginning of the spring, you do this twice a year, after the last frost and once in the fall, to provide additional nutrients to be absorbed and broken down during the winter months. You want the fertilizer to sit in the soil for a few weeks before moving forward with planting. That gives the ground enough time to absorb the nutrients.

At TN Nursery, you are going to find the best time of year to plant the garden plants, whether it is shrubs, perennials, or hedges, based on where you live and the temperature. That can vary drastically between locations, so it is always important to follow through with this information. Once you know when you need to plant, though, you have the soil all ready for you.

When planting, you need to follow the instructions for how deep the plants need to be, the amount of sunlight, and the space between the plants. That ensures the roots can grow appropriately without coming in contact with the origins of other plants as well.

Watering is essential, but you don't want to do it on a regular schedule. Too many people water plants every other day. The plants become dependent on this watering schedule, making it easier for them to die, should you miss a watering. Provide heavier waterings, but more spastically, and the roots will grow longer and more in-depth, giving you a more potent plant.

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