Wild Hydrangea Shrub

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Zone 4-9, Mature Height 12', Width- 9', Status- Beginner

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Wild Hydrangea Shrub - Hydrangea arborescens

Wild Hydrangea Shrub is a fast-growing shrub and is often treated as a herbaceous perennial in gardens. During spring and summer, this bush creates showy clusters of white or creamy, light green flowers that are rounded and heavy enough to weigh the stems down. The leaves are sized and are medium-light green and smooth.In autumn, the leaves turn yellow to create a colorful display until the leaves fall off to expose the canes. The soft, woody canes are covered in peeling bark when the plants are allowed to grow unhindered, offering a nice addition to the landscape during winter.The rounded clusters of flowers attract a wide range of pollinators, making the shrub an excellent addition to any garden, including rain gardens and butterfly gardens. Hydrangea prefers moist soil, and grows well in partial shade and forested areas. Extra watering is necessary during hot, dry summers, and a layer of mulch provides excess moisture when increasing hydrangeas in gardens. The shrub tolerates black walnut trees, rabbits, clay soil and rocky soil well. When grown in gardens, remove the suckers to prevent creeping, or allow the suckers to root when using the plants for ground cover.Sometimes called "smooth hydrangea," the Wild hydrangea shrub is a hardy plant, known for its versatility, ease of growing and beautiful blooms. It adjusts well to varied growing conditions, adding to its popularity.The plant has a mound-like cluster of blooms that emerge a pale green and then turn to a creamy shade of white when the plant is nearing maturity. The stem of the plant is a vivid green hue that adds interest to any garden. They grow quickly and thrive with plenty of water and a little shade. The shrub doesn't require a lot of time and attention from a caretaker. The plants have a long flowering season and bloom from early summer until the first frost in the winter. This shrub adds color during the winter months when the flowers turn a deep shade of chocolate. Harsh winters don't negatively affect the plant, which blooms along the edges of new plant growth. The popularity of the wild hydrangea shrub is evident by its wide use in landscaping. The blossoms are so attractive they are often seen in flower arrangements during special occasions and are commonly used as the featured flower in wedding bouquets and reception halls.A beautiful addition to anyone's home garden is the wild hydrangea. These plants add a delicate yet alluring touch to various landscapes. They bloom in early summer with sizable round, cloud-like clusters comprised of small flowers. These tiny flowers start out as a pale green shade and transition to a clean, crisp white color. They are also known to have a subtle, sweet fragrance that will add a dainty charm to any garden. The flower buds of these plants are not diminished by harsh winters because they flower on the tip of their new growths. Wild hydrangea are very simple for anyone to grow. They only require partial shade and moist soil for optimal growth. They do multiply easily and can be propagated from cuttings. They are among the easiest to propagate of all the ornamental shrubs. These delightful plants are used in numerous ways in different landscapes. They can be planted along the border of a landscape or placed sporadically throughout a home garden. With their intricate clusters of pure white flowers, they will look gorgeous anywhere they are planted.

 Wild Hydrangea Shrub 

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