NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Nature's Provider and Protector

The wind gently glides through the leaves as the strong branches sway gently with the breeze. A tree can serve as a beautiful centerpiece of a home's lawn on a calm day—a place where children can climb and where shade is cast for relief from the sun's rays.

Trees purify our air and supply a home for many creatures, but did you know trees can also be a shield for your home during high winds? It's true, and large trees are some of the best wind barriers your home can have on guard. A Tree Nursery is a great place to buy trees.

Trees like Sumac trees can protect your home from wind damage in a plethora of ways. This act is achieved by redirecting the wind into multiple directions as it strikes the branches, trunk, and leaves. Branches can also act as a net to catch small debris thrown by the wind, thus avoiding wind damage. Windows are especially vulnerable to damage from the high-velocity airflow. Snow and hail can be found in the tree's thick foliage, protecting your home from their damaging effects. Large trees also keep the wind from directly striking the rooftop of a building and dismantling the shingles.

Another ill effect high winds can cast upon home is the inefficient operation of heating and cooling systems. Large trees keep the wind from directly striking a house; high winds can alter the temperature on the home's exterior, which in turn raises or lowers the home's interior temperature. You will strain your HVAC systems to make up the difference.

Like the October Glory Maple in specific patterns, planting trees can achieve a complete shield from a strong gust. This method is called a windbreak. Windbreaks, when grown in the proper direction, are a natural protector. They not only wall off the excess wind but serve as a source of privacy for your home.

Trees can be an excellent investment for any home. The ability of a tree to guard a home is many. Not only does Placing trees strategically around your home benefit the safety of the inhabitants living in the household, but also financially. The cost saving of wind damage that can be diverted is tremendous.

Source of Information on How Trees Save our Homes from Weather Conditions