NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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Top Selling States

Buying Plants For Specific Top Selling States 

Many people make the capital mistake of randomly buying plants to yield a flimsy disappointment in their planted areas. Tn Nursery sells plants for specific states for all sorts of plants suitable for your state. The article discusses the water-tight plant species for precise states to order at the Tn nursery website now, at economical prices, and have them delivered at your doorstep;


 1. Trees


 Make an illustrious change in your area by planting either;


 a) Cedar trees


 The majestically shaped trees are incredibly resilient to extreme temperatures. Miamians and people from all over the world, your ideal trees species is here, ready for shipment! Order and pay now, and shortly you will have it in your hands.


 b) Kousa Dogwood tree


 Not only does it thrive in sunny environments but also the harsh soil conditions. This qualifies it to be the unquestionable sought-after for the Western Asia countries like Japan and Korea. The mesmerizing nature of the plant is the periodical changing nature to dark-green and purple during summer and autumn, respectively.


 c) Redbud trees


 Redbud trees are suitable for areas with mild climates, including those with dense clay soils. African countries are well catered by Tn only the order and the scintilla pay and the ship desserts the dock.


 2. Shrubs 


 Time for doorstep decoration, and Tn offers some terrific shrubs;


 i) Ninebark shrub


 They are the trademark shrub species in North America. Pot varieties such as Nanus are also up for grabs and hurry while stock last as their luscious smell makes them sell swiftly.


 ii) Chokeberry


 They come in the black and red variety. They survive in areas with mediocre moisture contents. These ideal conditions are found in most parts of the world. So no excuse, place the order.


 iii) White spirea plant


 The insect magnet shrub is for tropical locations since it requires moist, well-drained soils.

 i) Moss


 Mosses stunningly beautify landscapes such as;


 i) Cushion moss


 The most iconic mosses, heavy teeming sandy areas globally, can pay and order for the cushion moss.


 ii) Fern moss


 It can still be classified as a perennial, an added advantage for moist and damp hot areas.


 iii) Topiary moss


 Guess what? Topiary moss can be trimmed to resemble different shapes, including an elephant. Wet, acidic-soil locations should not hesitate to order.

 The above species are just an overview of the countless plant species to get at Tn and visit for more affordable plant species and order.


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