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Sun And Shade

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Sun And Shade

Plants That Will Work Well In Sun or Shade 

When choosing plants, many gardeners look for shrubs or flowers that work well in either full sun or the more shady parts of the garden. But what about the trickier areas of the yard that get sun for part of the day and shade for the rest? Luckily, some plants thrive under these conditions, so selecting a few isn't usually too much of a challenge.


Foam Flower


Foam flowers, also known as tiarella, are usually found in wooded areas, so they're used to getting both sun and shade throughout the day and can adapt well to a variety of lighting conditions. These perennials feature, as their name suggests, soft, elongated flowers that can be found in a range of pale colors. They grow readily and are easy to care for.


Foam flowers can make an excellent ground cover, but they also grow well in containers, so they're a good choice for planters or window boxes. In addition, these plants have a strong, acidic taste, so they're not likely to be eaten by deer.


Solomon's Seal


Solomon's seal plant produces delicate stems, which can be either a bright green or red, from which hang small bell-shaped white flowers with green tips. The plant also has long leaves, giving it a very lush appearance—Solomon's seal flowers throughout the spring and into the beginning of summer before producing dark berries.


Because Solomon's seal is a woodland plant, it adapts well to a variety of sunlight conditions, and it thrives in partial shade. In order to keep the plant healthy, choose soil that remains moist but drains well.




Geraniums are one of the most popular plants for gardeners because they're hardy, adapt well to different conditions, and can be found in a vast array of colors. Some geraniums, such as the album and storm-chaser varieties, work perfectly in partial shade areas.


These plants have dense foliage and can continuously produce flowers for several months. Because they're short, they make excellent garden border plants, but they also work well in hanging planters, window boxes, or pots.




For those who are looking for a shrub for their partial shade area, the hydrangea is often a good choice. These plants can become quite large and often thrive in both sun and shade. Hydrangeas can be found in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, white, and green. They flower in late summer and autumn, and the flowers cluster together in large, round blooms, giving the plant a striking appearance.


Hydrangeas are quite hardy, making them easy to grow. They prefer acidic soil that drains well.


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