Sumac Tree

Sumac Tree

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Latin Name- Smooth Sumac Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 5-15 ft Width- 10-15 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun to Partial Shade

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Sumac Tree - Rhus Coriaria L

Sumac Tree are a small tree commonly used as an ornamental piece in landscapes or gardens. This small tree is native to temperate and subtropical zones across the world. The plant can reach a height of up to 20 feet tall. Leaves of the sumac are a green color and arranged in a spiral formation. In the autumn these leaves turn a bright red color. In the spring flowers appear in dense spikes of light green, white, or red. In autumn the sumac bears red clusters of fruit. The fruit can last well into winter. In the middle east, the sumac fruit is ground up into a spice. 

The fruit can also be used to make tea or lemonade.

The berries are high in antioxidants. Some people confuse sumac with a plant that borrows its name poison sumac. Poison sumac comes from a different family Toxicodendron. Sumac will not cause rashes or any harm. The tree is good for wildlife. It brings in pollinators in the spring. Birds and small mammals eat the fruit. The tree also provides shelter for wildlife. Sumac is a hardy plant that can grow just about anywhere with little maintenance. Because of this, the plants make good erosion control in places like sandy or rocky terrain. Planted along the roadside, sumac makes a beautiful screen or windbreak. Sumac can grow in hardiness zones 2-9. Sumac will grow in any soil type that is well irrigated. They can withstand drought. Drought may stunt their growth, so its recommended to water them regularly in these conditions. They can grow in partial shade or full sun. The trees in partial shade will not have as colorful leaves in the fall. The plant only needs a minimal amount of pruning in the spring to keep its shape. Sumac is a very low maintenance beautiful tree that can provide many benefits to your landscape.





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Sumac Tree