Spice Bush Live Stakes

Spice Bush Live Stakes

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Spice Bush Shrub - Lindera benzoin Live Stakes

The Spice Bush Shrub is mostly known for the fragrance it gives off from its leaves, stems, and blossoms. It thrives in the woodlands where you can find lush and moist soil. The Spice Bush is native to the region of the Midwest section of North America. The Spice Bush can be spotted in landscaping designs or as a shrubbery border in some areas. It is greatly used as massing. You can find this lovely shrub in zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9; which is mostly in your Midwestern to some parts of the Southern section of North America. 

The Spice Bush will bare lively colored red fruit that ripens mostly in July and throughout October. Besides its bright red fruit, the foliage can also handle its own next to the fruit with its bright hues of yellow. Also, the fruit is highly concentrated with fat; so it is a favorite among our fowl friends. The shrub can grow up to more than 8 ft and just as wide in width. The Spice Bush can handle up to 6 hours of full direct sun, but loves partial sun and shade to thrive. This bush prefers acidic, moist, and well drained soil areas to grow. The best time for planting is early spring, so that in the fall you can experience the brightly shaded blossoms and their fragrant scents. The growth rate is slow to medium. 

The main thing to think about is where in your landscape or garden would you like to showcase this beauty. If the need is for massing, shading, or just for the colorful display; either option will make your area stand out from others. The plus includes the delicious aroma that this shrub provides for your enjoyment as stroll through the garden or just sit nearby in its presence.

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