NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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Shop By Color

Shop By Plant Bloom Color - Tn Mail Order Nursery

If you want to add more color to your outdoor space, there are several beautiful plants to choose from. Whether you're looking for blooms to add to your flower bed, want decorative grass for the lawn, or you're searching for trees and shrubs to use as borders, you can shop for plants in specific bloom colors at Here are a few examples that will make your garden area incredibly stunning. 




 Visually appealing plants like the red chokeberry are perfect for a summer garden. This bright red plant grows in hardiness zones 3-9 and requires both sun and shade for growth. Red chokeberries are resistant to deer and can handle long periods of drought. The blooms of the plant are white and contrasted by vivid red berries. The plant proliferates, and the berries attract birds to your yard. 


 Red Osier Dogwood is another excellent choice for the garden. The plant boasts Kelly green leaves and bright red stems. The trees increase, thrive in hardiness zones 3-9, and the striking red branches will stand out when they fall. 




 If you want to add some yellow to the garden, try Golden Ragwort. The plants are excellent borders and are ideal for lake or pond areas. These perennials are suitable for hardiness zones 3-9 and need full sun to grow. 


 The Lynwood Gold Forsythia is another attractive choice. This plant yields small blooms in bright yellow and a shrub that grows under 10 feet. The forsythia works in zones 3-9, is deer resistant, and blooms in the spring and summer. 




 The day lily is a pretty orange flower that grows under 3 feet. You can use the flowers as a border plant or as part of your flower bed. Daylilies bloom during warm weather, so the blooms are bright near the middle of spring and the start of summer. These flowers need partial shade or full sun to thrive. 


 Another great orange flower for your garden is the Touch Me Not. The blooms are yellowish-orange with dark orange spots, and the plant grows under 3 feet. This perennial is deer resistant and grows in hardiness zones 3-9. Touch Me Nots bloom in the summer and fall. 


 These are just some of the colorful flowers you can select for your landscape to give your property more curb appeal. Shop for plants in specific bloom colors at in nursery