Sycamore Seedlings - 100 Seedlings 6-18"

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Sycamore Tree Seedlings (Plantus occidentalis)

Sycamore Tree Seedlings: Plantus occidentalis, or the American sycamore tree, is a deciduous species. It is native to North America, originally dotting the entire eastern seaboard from the southernmost part of Canada to northern Mexican highlands.

Sycamore tree seedlings allow TN Nursery customers to invest in larger quantities of this species for a value price. This species is an all-time favorite of landscapers and gardeners alike.

Sycamore Tree Seedlings Grow Into an Easy-care Tree

Sycamore tree seedlings will perform well in almost all the contiguous USDA growing zones; they'll survive icy winters and summer heat. The mil-mannered nature of your sycamore tree seedlings also means they flourish in high-moisture soil; conversely, they are drought-tolerant.

These seedlings require a location that provides a balance of sunshine and shade. On the other hand, they can tolerate full sun if you give them sufficient water, especially throughout hot, long summer days.

Because they are natural forest dwellers, your sycamore tree seedlings ask for woodsy organic material. Your trees would love for you to apply some wood mulch or peat moss around their bases, especially mixing in when you plant them.

Once you meet these two growing conditions, your sycamore tree seedlings will establish healthy roots and start to grow 

Your Sycamore Tree Seedlings Will Grow Into a Showstopping Tree

Your sycamore tree seedlings will become tall and impressive, reaching as high as a hundred feet. The crown will be an excellent, round-topped shape. The branches and leaves will grow into a thick, dense configuration that will provide respite from the sun on a hot day.

These sycamore tree seedlings will produce a thick, sturdy trunk in a lovely, nutty brown to dark gray bark near the base. It might develop attractive red mottling and scales near the bottom. The upper trunk and limbs lighten to tan color as the bark exfoliates and exposes a new layer of bark.

Sycamore tree leaves display three to five lobes and slightly toothy margins. They appear alternating along the stem and have a broad, oval shape. Their color is emerald. In the autumn, its leaves generally turn golden or amber.

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