Switch Grass - Package of 25 Plants



March April



Switch Grass - Package of 25 Plants

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Switch Grass - Package of 25 Plants



March April


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Switch Grass (Panicum virgatum)

Switch Grass: Panicum virgatum, aka switch grass, is a lush, green, North American native ornamental grass species that will thrive in almost every USDA plant hardiness zone. TN Nursery customers covet this species for its bright green foliage reaching almost four feet high and the tall, red, feathery spike.

Switch grass prefers a full sunshine location, but it will also tolerate partial sun. It's a prairie grass that would like about an inch of water weekly but is also drought-tolerant.

This good-natured and resilient species is deer-resistant, erosion-resistant, disease-resistant, and pest-resistant.

Other Common Names for Panicum virgatum

This ornamental grass has several common names, including the following:

  • Panic Grass
  • Switchgrass (written as one word)
  • Tall Panic Grass
  • Thatchgrass
  • Wild Redtop

Where to Use Switch Grass in Your Landscape Plan

Switchgrass is beautiful in many settings. Here are a few suggestions for using it from TN Nursery staffers:

  • Natural area: This ornamental adds height and beauty to a sunny natural area.
  • Meadow restoration: This sun-loving plant will love the full sunshine of an open meadow.
  • Water garden: Switchgrass doesn't mind water as long as the area dries out occasionally.
  • On the bank of a pond, small lake, or creek
  • Urban garden or park: This relatively carefree plant is ideal in a city setting.
  • Pollinator garden: Switch grass attracts bees, butterflies, moths, and birds.
  • Native species garden: Mass plantings of this ornamental will make a native garden full and lush.

Switch Grass Fills in any Garden With Abundant Greenery

Panicum virgatum is full and lovely. It displays a lovely emerald green that averages about four feet tall but can grow taller in optimal environments. It is resilient--so gardeners usually mow or cut it back to keep it low. It's forgiving of this and grows back fast.

The blades are semi-glossy, green, flat, and lance-shaped with a somewhat pointed tip. It bends over from its weight as it grows tall. They have fine white hairs that add extra interest.

The flowers form on spikes and have a feathery shape and fluffy texture. They are usually red to burgundy, but they may also be pink.

Order Switch Grass From TN Nursery Today

Switch grass is helpful in many landscape applications, adding vibrant green foliage and height to any garden. Please feel free to place your order with TN Nursery today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
James Evans
Switch Grass - 10 plants

I have this planted in the moist area of my farm. It gives out a natural breath for birds and butterflies.

Micah Deeds
Switch Grass

Looks great in my gardens! Very pleased with this plant.

Alex Fieldsq
Switch Grass

looks great around the driveway

Andrea Wofford
Switch Grass

this looks great around the driveway