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6 Pack -Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Hameln Plugs

6 Pack -Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Hameln Plugs

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Height at Maturity:

Under 3 Feet


Full Sun

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Bare root

Dwarf Fountain Grass - Pennisetum Alopecuroides 

Dwarf Fountain Grass "Hameln," is a popular ornamental grass prized for its compact size, graceful appearance, and adaptability. When planted in landscaping, "Hameln Plugs" offer a multitude of attributes that enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality of the outdoor space.

One of the most outstanding attributes of this Grass is its petite size. This compact Grass is perfect for a small garden or as a border plant along pathways, growing to a height of only 2 to 3 feet and spreading about 2 to 3 feet wide. Its tidy and dense clumps provide a soft and elegant touch to the landscape design.

The attractive foliage of this plant is another striking feature. The narrow, arching leaves have a deep green hue and a fine texture, giving them a feathery appearance. Even when the Grass is not in bloom, the foliage remains visually appealing throughout the growing season. This evergreen characteristic makes it an excellent choice for adding year-round interest to the landscape.

In late summer to early fall, this grass  bursts into stunning displays of feathery, bottlebrush-like flower spikes that emerge in a rich shade of tan or cream. The plumes sway gracefully in the breeze, creating a mesmerizing movement effect in the garden. These flowers persist well into the winter, adding subtle beauty to the dormant landscape. The seed heads also serve as a valuable bird food source, attracting wildlife to the garden.

Dwarf Fountain Grass is a Hardy Perennial Grass

The versatility of this plant is another attribute that appeals to landscapers. It can live in various soil types, from clay to loam and well-draining soils. Additionally, this plant can tolerate both full sun and partial shade, making them adaptable to different growing conditions. This resilience to varying environmental factors makes it suitable for various garden settings, including rock gardens, borders, mass plantings, and container gardening.

Low maintenance is yet another attractive attribute of this Grass. Once established, these plants require minimal care, as they are relatively drought-tolerant and pest-resistant. Occasional watering during extended dry periods and trimming of old foliage in early spring are sufficient to keep the Grass looking its best.

Beyond its aesthetic qualities, it also provides functional benefits to the landscape. It helps prevent soil erosion and can be used effectively on slopes or banks to stabilize the soil. The dense clumps also act as a weed suppressant, reducing the need for excessive weeding in garden beds.

In conclusion, Dwarf Fountain Grass "Hameln Plugs" possess numerous attributes that make them a prized addition to any landscaping project. From their compact size and elegant appearance to their adaptability and low maintenance requirements, these grasses offer a winning combination of beauty and practicality. Whether used as a focal point, border, or mass planting, "Hameln Plugs" create a picturesque and welcoming outdoor space.

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