Roughleaf Dogwood Live Stakes - 100 Stakes 2-3'

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Rough Dogwood Live Stakes 

Rough Dogwood Live Stakes: Cornus drummondii live stakes, common name rough dogwood, are an ideal way to fill in high moisture, slow-draining landscapes with an attractive water-loving flowering shrub. TN Nursery recommends rough dogwood live stakes to help avoid soil erosion in any area that experiences water erosion resulting from occasional flooding. Additionally, rough dogwood live stakes are fantastic near a pond or water garden.

Besides minimizing soil erosion, rough dogwood live stakes will grow into lovely shrubs with snowy clusters of white flowers in the spring and produce small berries for birds.

 Rough dogwoods are a North American native species from the woodland streams and swampy regions of the eastern and central United States. They are drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, disease-resistant, pest-resistant, and compaction-tolerant. They strongly prefer a blend of full sun and shade.

What Are Rough Dogwood Live Stakes? 

Live stakes refer to the cuttings of a shrub or tree that you plant directly in the ground. Here's how this process works.

 An arborist or horticulturist will use a sterile tool to select branches from a shrub or tree, generally during dormancy. The cutting, aka the stake, goes directly into the ground in its permanent location. It develops roots over time, strengthens, and grows into a lovely flowering shrub. 

For many plants, this planting process occurs during the early spring before buds emerge. But some, like rough dogwood live stakes, are adaptable and tolerate it almost any time of the year. 

Rough Dogwood Live Stakes Grow Into an Easy-Care Flowering Shrub 

Rough dogwood seedlings will produce charming flowering shrubs. It will reach a full-grown height of around twelve to fifteen feet and a broad canopy of about equal size.

 As the small live stakes become shrubs, the leaves are approximately three inches long and form an opposing pattern along the stems. The leaves will be rich and glossy green.

 The flowers will light up springtime with their snowy white blooms, combining multiple tiny, four-petaled flowers into impressive clusters.

Order Your Rough Dogwood Live Stakes From TN Nursery Today 

TN Nursery has a team of nursery experts who can cut the healthiest rough dogwood live stakes for your pond or rain garden. Order from us today.   

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