Post Oak Tree

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Post Oak Tree

Post Oak Tree are usually found in soils that are low-fertility, dry, and sandy. They are very drought-tolerant. They need to be out in full sun. Propagation is achieved through seed. There are no significant diseases for pests to be concerned with however the tree will on occasion succumb to Chestnut blight. It is slightly vulnerable to Oak Wilt. The post oak is often referred to as the 'iron oak.' This magnificent medium-sized tree grows abundantly in the Southeastern and South Central U.S. and forms pure stands out in prairie transition areas. It is an invaluable source of food and cover for wildlife. You see these trees all around public parks because of their beauty and the shade they can provide. It can grow where few other trees can. The wood from the this Oak is sold commercially as 'White Oak.' It is used for such things as-

• Lathing
• Fenceposts
• Mining Timbers
• Stair Risers
• Pulp
• Particle Boards
• Veneer
• Fuel
• Construction Timbers
• Siding
• Railroad Ties
• Planks
• Flooring

This wood is valuable for a host of reasons.
Post Oak Tree is one of the crowning achievements of the plant kingdom. They are the dominant tree in many areas of Central and Southeastern United States. Their roots do not have to go as deep as most people would guess from their size. They get most of their water from the sources in the topsoil. The most beneficial spray you can use on these Oaks is dormant oil. When you apply this during their dormant season it helps to control the wintering stages of pests like aphids, plant bugs, mites, lace bugs, scale, and a lot more. It will not destroy them entirely but till thin down the number significantly. These highly durable trees will do the rest. These beautiful native trees have an undeniable will to live. They do their absolute best to survive regardless of any circumstances that come their way. They are among the most beautiful and long-lived trees we have. Their strength and endurance are highly sought-out qualities by those who admire them and use them. The Post Oak is and will forever be one of our natural treasures and a testament to the resilience of nature.


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Post Oak Tree

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