Poly Fern

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Polypodium Ferns

The scientific name for poly ferns is Polypodium. Polypodium is a genus or a biological classification of seventy-five to one hundred ferns, broadly dispersed across the world, with the highest concentration and variety in the tropics. Ferns have been used to a small degree in herbalism, but most are mainly used in gardening, where crossbreeds of ferns such as the Polypodium 'Greenwave' is used as decorative plants for shady locales.The hare's foot fern got its name from the creeping rhizomes that grow over the top of the soil. The hare's foot fern can also be called the rabbit's foot fern. These ferns are indigenous to the New World, growing from the Southern United States into South America. They are standard ferns in many ways, with an above average humidity requirement and a desire for a warm climate. However, these are beautiful plants to add to your garden or pot and hang on your front porch. They are more resilient than the other feathery ferns found in other species. These poly ferns also demand an ample sunlight source to grow to their full capacity. Plants that have plenty of sunlight have a faintly bluish color to the fronds which is eye-catching in itself. So, if you live in the right area, plant you some ferns next summer. You can't go wrong. Although it's not a flowering plant, it is a very hardy ornamental one that stays green all through the winter season due to its evergreen nature. Growing in a fountain shape, its 2 feet tall fronds are of leathery texture and elongated with light color fiddleheads that emerge only in early spring. Perfect for landscaping in winter for its deep green color as the fronds will gradually spread downward to provide spectacular ground cover. The fertile fronds are the taller ones, staying more rigid and standing up, and the smaller leaflets at the top are the productive ones.

Scientific Name: Polypodium Aureum
USDA Hardiness: 3a-6a
Plant Height: 12.0"-15.96"
Plant Spread: 24.0"-36.0"
Sun: Full Shade-Full Sun
Soil Type: Moist

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