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Affordable specialty plants

Are you looking for something special for your garden or landscape project? Yes? Then look no further than our awesome range of specialty plants and grab our best deals on our plant collections. We’ve got specialty plants for every zone and every garden taste.

Specialty plants for your zone

No matter what zone you garden in, if you live in the US, then we’ve got specialty plants for your zone. And they’re not just rated as hardy for the relevant zones, each plant is actually adapted to a single USDA hardiness zone. So when you order plants from us, you can be sure that each individual plant can truly thrive in your garden’s climate.

Pro tips for picking the right specialty plants for your garden:

Every landscape needs plants of differing heights. Make sure you pick plants from each garden ‘layer’.

Start with the tallest plants. Our maple tree or flowering tree collections are a great choice for this layer.

Then you want to choose some mid-level plants. We’ve got a couple of perennial plant collections that would work well. Or if you prefer a more neutral palette, check out our fern collections.

Consider planting some edibles in your middle layer too so you can grow beauty and food at the same time.

Once you’ve planned those two layers, don’t forget to fill in the lowest layer. We’ve got a lovely wildflower collection that would work well and a variety of ground cover collections (flowering and moss-based) that will help you create a stunning living mulch to protect your new plants and tie all your garden sections together.

So if you want to grab an awesome deal on specialty plants for your zone, all our specialty plant collections look beautiful and have a beautiful price.