NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Plants For Pennsylvania

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Plants For Pennsylvania

Plants That Will Work Perfectly For Pennsylvania 

Many gardeners prefer to choose native plants when adding to their yard. Not only are native plants perfectly suited to the area and climate, making them easier to grow, but they won't become invasive or cause any issues with the natural environment. There's a wide range of plants in Pennsylvania that gardeners can choose from that will work correctly.


Red Maple


Red maple trees are found throughout Pennsylvania, and they're an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a large shade tree to their yard. Red maples have dense, broad leaves, and the tree can grow to be up to 100 feet tall. During the autumn months, the leaves of this tree turn a bright, vibrant red.


It's best to plant young red maple trees in full sun in a space where they will have plenty of room to grow. These trees increase, so although they'll take some time to mature, they're the right choice for those looking for something that will be easy to establish and will rapidly fill a blank space.


Smooth Hydrangea


There are many different hydrangea varieties, but smooth hydrangea works very well in Pennsylvania because it's native to the area. Like other hydrangeas, the smooth hydrangea is a shrub that can grow up to 9 feet tall, although around 5 feet is more common.


Smooth hydrangea flowers are small and white, and they bloom in clusters. The leaves of the plant are broad and smooth. These leaves are dark green for most of the year but will turn a beautiful yellow in the fall.




There are many different phlox varieties, and this flowering plant can be found in a wide range of colors. Some phlox varieties, such as summer phlox, are native to Pennsylvania, but most will do well in Pennsylvania's climate.


Phlox can fill spaces in a garden, as ground cover, or in a planter. How the phlox grows and how it works best often depends on the variety. Some phlox plants grow tall and upright, while others are short. Some, such as creeping phlox, tend to spread.




Milkweed is often a popular choice for gardeners because this tall plant's delicate pink and white flowers, which bloom in a round cluster, attract a wide variety of pollinators, including bees, birds, and butterflies. This plant is also crucial when attempting to attract monarch butterflies.


Milkweed will grow to between 2 and 5 feet tall, making it a right choice for borders or filling in gaps at the back or middle of a garden. Milkweed should be grown in full sun.

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